Thursday, March 31, 2022

API Security conference -- on #FHIR

Updated April 7, 2022: Here are the slides I presented.

Join me at my presentations at #APISecure2022 where I will be surrounded by far smarter people on API security. This is a virtual event, so you should certainly be able to sign up.

 so, there is going to be just a little bit about #FHIR:

  1. On Wednesday I will be on a panel with Alissa and Grahame - The State of FHIR API Security in Healthcare
  2. On Thursday Grahame will be speaking - Securing FHIR APIs in Healthcare
  3. After Grahame I will be speaking - Designing and Implementing a FHIR API Security Plan

BUT the more important is ALL the other sessions. Protecting a FHIR API starts with fundamentals of protecting an API. So please secure your #FHIR API and Apps. Start with good API Security fundamentals.


  1. Don't have the link to event

  2. thanks for catching that... I have fixed the link