Monday, March 21, 2022

Ask, just ask

I am short on ideas of topics that I should elaborate on in a blog article. So, I remind you all that if you thing of a topic that you think I might be able to clarify, please let me know. It costs you nothing. I might not even answer. But I certainly am not going to address the topic if you don't ask.

I look at and respond to Comments anywhere on my blog, but I recognize that some don't like google's requirement for google account. Thus you can also send me a question to my gmail address which simply is my name - JohnMoehrke

The rules are simple:

  • Topics I'll cover include anything in my banner specific to Healthcare Interoperability Standards  
    • Health Information Exchange, 
    • Document Exchange 
    • XDS/XCA/MHD, 
    • mHealth, 
    • Patient Identity, 
    • Provider Directories, 
    • FHIR, 
    • Consent, 
    • Access Control, 
    • Audit Control, 
    • Accounting of Disclosures, 
    • User Identity, 
    • Authorization, 
    • Authentication, 
    • Encryption, 
    • Digital Signatures, 
    • Transport/Media Security, 
    • De-Identification, Pseudonymization, Anonymization, and 
    • Blockchain.
  • All questions and suggestions posted are subject to this Blog's Policies.
  • If I don't know or cannot otherwise answer your question, I'll let you know.
  • Questions are not necessarily answered or addressed in the order received.

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