Wednesday, March 2, 2022

IHE IT-Infrastructure - March 2022

IHE IT-Infrastructure committee has been very busy this winter quarter. Today we release updates to 9 different publications:

New Publication

  •  mCSD 3.5.0 - conversion from PDF to IG Publisher
  •  MHDS 2.3.0 - conversion from PDF to IG Publisher
  •  Metadata Handbook 2.1 - conversion from PDF to markdown/html

Minor/Patch update publications

  •  MHD 4.1.0 - minor updates
  •  PDQm 2.4.0 - minor updates to fix bugs, id, and canonical uri
  •  PIXm 3.0.2 - patch update to fix id
  •  FormatCode 1.1.0 - minor updates to Rad, and canonical URI

Public Comment

  •  Basic Audit 1.0.1 
  •  mCSD 3.6.1 - updates to support MHD-to-a-Federation work item


  • ITI Technical Framework - patch to typos
  • addition of above Basic Audit IG
  • PCC index fixes
  • experimental RSS feed for new FHIR releases

Find all of this at

How to comment?

  • Each Implementation guide has IG specific links in the footer of each page
  • "New Issue" will take you to a github issue entry form, with the proper template for commenting (this requires a github account)
  • "Issues" will take you to the known issues, to confirm that the issue you noticed has been reported already.
  • "Propose a change" is a web form for those that don't have github accounts

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