Wednesday, January 7, 2015

FYI: Update on the creation of Joint workgroup between #IHE and #HL7 including #FHIR topics

The creation of the Joint workgroup between IHE and HL7 is progressing. I am very hopeful that this will be accepted and become a formal workgroup within HL7. See the message below.
IHE Domain Co-chairs,

Many of you are aware that we have been working on creation of a work group in HL7 to facilitate coordination required between IHE committees and HL7 work groups. This message is to update you on the status of that effort and to invite your participation in formation of the work group and its ongoing activities.

A proposal for creation of the Healthcare Standards Integration Work Group has been submitted to the Steering Divisions of HL7. It will be reviewed for approval during the Steering Divisions meeting at 7pm, Monday, Jan. 19 at the HL7 Plenary and Work Group Meetings in San Antonio. A copy of the proposal is attached. Anyone who is able to attend the Steering Divisions meeting as an observer is encouraged to do so.

The work group will hold sessions on Thursday afternoon (Q3 and Q4), Jan. 22. The agenda outlines will be 1) to address remaining committee administrative and governance issues, 2) to develop a plan for operationalizing the group by setting meeting schedules and general work plans and 3) to review the list of open issues and set priorities, task assignments and schedules for addressing them. Again, all interested parties are encouraged to attend. Please convey that invitation to any potentially interested parties on your domain committees. A detailed agenda and meeting location will be forwarded shortly.

Finally, we invite your ongoing participation in identifying and addressing issues that require communication and collaboration between your committees and HL7 work groups with overlapping interests. We have started a wiki page ( that begins to list these issues. We invite you to add to the list and to flesh our details of the issues already listed there. If we can identify lead parties on IHE domain committees to work on each of the items listed, it will help the work proceed productively.

Please reply with any suggestions, comments, questions, etc.

Chris Carr

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