Thursday, April 12, 2012

The French Health Information Systems Interoperability Framework -- Now available in English

I first pointed at the French National EHR based on IHE XDS back in June. The good news today is that there is now an English translation of their documents. The important part about this is not just that they used XDS, and did a fine job of explaining XDS better than IHE ever have. The important part is that because this is an operational environment, they document those things that are beyond the scope of IHE. This means document content, vocabularies, security model, privacy model, etc.

The documents now available in English are:
  • Introduction to the HIS-IF
  • Common Rules and Templates for CDA Content Modules
  • Service Layer for Document  Sharing
  • Synchronous Transport Layer
To get access to these, Please go to this article on the release of these documents

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