Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coral Gables couple again accused of stealing, selling patient records

Who needs vulnerabilities in the technology when a simple bribe will get you want you want. All the technology that I speak about on this blog, and all the policy that is written and implemented can't stop humans. The good news is  they got caught, the bad news is that this is the second time they got caught. Seems the first time should have been enough.
A Coral Gables couple are indicted a second time on charges of stealing the private records of patients to sell to lawyers for personal-injury claims. Last year, they were charged with running a racket to pilfer patient records from Jackson Memorial Hospital to sell to lawyers for personal-injury claims.

Now Ruben E. Rodriguez and wife Maria Victoria Suarez have been indicted again for paying an ambulance-company employee to steal information on patients transported to Miami-Dade hospitals and healthcare clinics. That theft scheme dates all the way back to 1995, according to an indictment filed last week.  More

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