Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FYI: NHIN University - Spring is focused on architecture and security

The NeHC is going to be putting on free webinars to educate on the NHIN architecture. The Spring seems to be focused on Security. Looks like it might be educational. I have confidence in those that are signed up to 'teach'. To register for NHIN University, sign up at

NHIN University - Spring Semester 2010
Class Schedule

The inaugural semester of NHIN University will feature a series of FREE webinars intended to provide stakeholders with foundational knowledge about what the NHIN is, how it works, and the vital trust fabric that underpins the safe and secure exchange of health information over the Internet.
NHIN 101 - An Introduction to the Nationwide Health Information Network
  • February 22, 2010
NHIN 102 - Secure and Meaningful Exchange of Health Information over the Internet
NHIN 103 - Architectures for Health Information Exchange and their Use
  • Mid-April 2010
  • Faculty: Richard Kernan, NHIN Specification Lead (Contractor), ONC
NHIN 104 - The Trust Fabric of the NHIN: Making Exchange a Good Choice
  • Mid-May 2010

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