Thursday, August 31, 2017

IHE IT Infrastructure Planning co-chair

I finally got caught... I have been elected co-chair of the IHE IT Infrastructure - Planning Committee.

I have been 'co-chair from behind' for too long, I knew I would eventually get caught. I tried to be elected co-chair in IHE once before, but had a campaign against me... by my peers at my employer at the time (GE Healthcare)...

First test will be the face-to-face meeting for New Work Item proposals October 16-17....

YOU have submitted your new work item proposal, right? Better hurry, the deadline is just 22 days away.

This is a friendly reminder that the IHE annual planning cycle has begun! The IT Infrastructure (ITI) and Patient Care Coordination (PCC) Domains are soliciting work item proposals for the 2017 Publication Cycle. The Call for Proposals  concludes September 22, 2017. This e-mail provides a brief overview the Call for Proposal process. For detailed information visit the IHE Call for Proposals Wiki site Are you new to the IHE International Call for Proposal Process?·       Watch the online webinar to learn more about submitting a proposal and the evaluation process. Ready to participate in the Call for Proposals?
Interested parties are invited to submit a brief proposal (form attached) for new IHE Profiles and/or White Papers to be considered for development in the new Publication Cycle. Proposals should be entered using the attached Brief Profile Proposal template.  They should address the following:
  1. What is the problem and how does it look in practice?  (Describe the use case)
  1. How should things look in practice if it were fixed?
  1. What specific standards could be used to solve the problem, if known?
  1. If possible, give some indication of the business case for solving the problem (e.g., quantify the cost).
It is strongly recommended that the proposal include the name of an editor for the proposal should it be selected for development.
Email your completed brief IHE Proposal template to the corresponding email address listed below before September 22, 2017 at 11:59pm CDT. Proposal templates can also be found online at:·       ITI Domain Proposals: Daniel Berezeanu at:, ITI Planning Chair·       PCC Domain Proposals: Amit Popat at:, PCC Planning Chair What happens if my proposal is selected?The IHE ITI and PCC Planning Committee will review each Brief Proposal and select a "short list" of proposals for further consideration.  Detailed Profile Proposals are sent to the IHE ITI or PCC Technical Committee for evaluation and returned to the Planning Committee for a final vote.  Please visit the Wiki for detailed information about the IHE Call for Proposals.    Questions or Comments? 

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