Saturday, August 26, 2017

Book: Healthcare Information Technology - 2nd Edition

I received my copy of the book to which I contributed a chapter.  Healthcare Information Technology Exam Guide for CHTS and CAHIMS Certifications 2nd Edition. I also contributed to the First edition back in 2012. I needed only to do some minor fixup in my chapter. The list of contributors is long and very exclusive. I am honored to be among them.  

I am very pleased with my chapter in the book, 32 pages: "Interoperability Within and Across Healthcare Systems". I cover quite a bit of ground on Privacy and Security related to EHR and HIE. Much of the material comes from my blog, but even that had to be rewritten to fit the editorial style of a book. The chapter covers everything from identity, identity proofing, access control, authentication, and role based access control. I cover the various perspectives one must take in healthcare to protect data appropriately; including the patient perspective, provider perspective, and organizational perspective. I cover this topic as an exercise in a local EHR, but also how this model needs to be extended across an HIE to continue to protect the sensitive healthcare information. This requires the expansion out into Metadata and Federated Identity.

Gila also has chapter on Risk Assessment and Management. She didn't have as smooth of an editorial experience as I did.

I expect an update in a year to add chapters on FHIR. There is a very small mention of FHIR in this book, as it was written back during DSTU2. Excitement around FHIR, but not much was clear; and FHIR is not yet the topic in the exams.

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