Thursday, July 5, 2012

RESTful interface to XDS - Comment NOW!

The IHE ITI mHealth Profile is in Public Comment for only a little bit more. The formal due date is today, but anytime is a good time to comment. I will work hard to get any constructive comments worked into the profile. The IHE IT Infrastructure domain has published just this one new supplement for Public Comment. The supplement is formally “Mobile access to Health Documents (MHD)”, but is often referred to as the mHealth profile. 

I have explained the profile
I have explained the user authentication model

I really want comments on the profile, especially the Open Issues


As a Public Comment version there are many issues that have come up during the development that are not fully locked down. Most of them are due to the learning-curve of the committee. Thus I really want constructive comments on the whole Profile but specifically on these Open Issues. The open issues are far more detailed in the document, they are basically:
  • Restricted “Create” to ONE document, with derived SubmissionSet
  • No access to SubmissionSet, Folders, and Associations
  • Patient ID is needed as part of URL
  • Bring in hData as framework and thus ATOM in GET path for multiple entries?
  • Conditional get is not supported due to the differences between the semantics of HTTP and XDS concepts of resource age.
  • Do we need more on Security, specifically Audit?
  • JSON use of anonymous objects or not?