Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Webinar on Document Sharing HIE on FHIR

Webinar recording is available that covers the Document Sharing Health Information Exchange (HIE) on FHIR. 

Covering topics of:
  • Document Sharing (concept, XDS, XCA, MHDS)
  • FHIR access to Documents
  • MHD as API
  • Support profiles: IUA, PDQm, PIXm, mCDS, …
  • MHDS as a full FHIR stack solution
  • Support profiles also include PMIR, SVCM
  • Consuming Elements/Resources (mXDE + QEDm)
  • Add Provenance – to get back to source documents


This is available on the IHE YouTube channel  The slide deck with embedded recording is in the IT-Infrastructure github repo 

The content for this presentation are baked into the IHE Mobile Health Documents Sharing (MHDS) profile.

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  1. Freshly presented at DevDays by Gregorio Canal