Thursday, March 12, 2020

My Mother

I lost my mother this week.
She lived a long and productive life. She is survived by my father. Both the ripe old age of 92, having been together from the age of 15.  A Lutheran and Catholic getting married back in the 40s. My brother, three sisters, and I are all very close. Yet we are also spread from east to west coast and many locations between; including a foreign exchange brother in Switzerland.

My mother was the inspiration for my technology, science, and healthcare views and goals. I was told that while in High-School she worked in the chemistry department, and after graduating, worked as a Lab tech in healthcare. She would tell of counting white blood cells, and other lab tasks.

As computers appeared, during my lifetime, she was always talking about them. So I worked hard to buy my own first computer, a Commodore 64 when they were first introduced to the market.  She always encouraged my technology interests.  She was active early and continually on the internet, with a desktop computer.  Using many services, email, and skype. Often doing video conference with her grand-children.

Equally she encouraged me to always have a scientific mind, always question why something is the way it is, to always build upon the advancement of others that came before me.

All of these very open perspectives while being a devoted Catholic. Helping me understand that these different perspectives do not necessarily need to conflict.  I am so glad I grew up in a very open community, understanding church, and welcoming family. Far more could be said about this, but I think I am leaving the scope of my blog, and getting teary-eyed. 


  1. my sincere condolences. This post is helpful in making us realize we have to enjoy every little bits of time with our loved ones. Thanks.

  2. John, so sorry for your loss. Her influence on you is reflected in your desire to make this world a better place through technology. I am sure she is very proud to have you as her son. God Bless.

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