Wednesday, March 4, 2020

HIMSS 2020

I made the mistake of not listening to good advice to NOT Watch the Movie "Contagion".  I am scheduled to go to HIMSS next week, and a wedding later this month. The Movie has some very obvious over-dramatized aspects, like the virus morphs on the timescale of days. But the Movie has so many points that are right-on, and specifically right-on in alignment with COVID-19. The in-real-life daily TV news actually over-dramatizes COVID-19 more.

I am not really more fearful, I already had a rational level of concern. I had changed my behavior as I have just finished 5 weeks on-the-road including Sydney. I am not feeling confident that I am immune. Each day is another opportunity to get sick, with all sorts of illnesses.

I am currently still planning on going to HIMSS. My biggest concern right now is that the HIMSS attendance will be next to zero, that the only people that will be there to talk to are other vendors or people demonstrating or speaking. That will make HIMSS less helpful than not having the event. I am not advocating for canceling, just hoping that people put on their big-boy-pants and come to HIMSS anyway. DON'T COME IF YOU ARE SICK!!!

I will be there, and have three speaking slots:

Promoting Safe Health Information Exchange Through Granular Privacy Protections

8:30am - 9:30am Wednesday, March 11
Session ID: 100
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center W207C

Description: Standards such as DS4P and C2S allow for granular tagging of sensitive data elements to support patient privacy preferences while promoting interoperability but have not been widely adopted and they do not address many common clinical pain points for providers and patients. A developing workgroup of multidisciplinary experts is building on work started by the DS4P/C2S standards in order to produce recommendations for future standards development and a consensus-driven implementation guide to facilitate industry-wide adoption. We have defined two use cases to frame relevant issues from various stakeholder perspectives. We seek input from relevant stakeholders as we identify ongoing leaders for this work and identify discrete deliverables and next steps for this project. Join us to advance the conversation with a broad stakeholder group so patients and families can benefit from accurate exchange of information with confidence that their wishes regarding data privacy are respected.

Learning Objectives
  • Discuss current standards designed to promote the safe exchange of health data by allowing patients granular control over their data
  • Recognize common clinical use cases not addressed by current granular data tagging standards
  • Identify implementation challenges and opportunities for consensus-driven guidance from the industry

IHE USA and ONC's Cooperative Agreement to Advance Real-World Interoperability

4:00pm - 5:00pm Thursday, March 12
Session ID: 309
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center

Description IHE USA was awarded a 5 year cooperative agreement with the Office of the National Coordinator in September of 2019. The purpose of the agreement is to help accelerate the development of new and updated IHE profiles and associated real world testing that support advancing FHIR. Learn more from experts from IHE and ONC as they discuss the collaboration activities with ONC, new and upcoming IHE profiles that support FHIR, how these collaboration efforts will advance interoperability, accelerate the maturity of FHIR, and drive adoption throughout the industry. Session attendees will also learn how and where they can participate in ongoing efforts.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the key suite of IHE profiles that support emerging regulatory requirements and the use of FHIR
  • Explain how IHE Connectathons support real world interoperability testing and adoption of standards and implementation guides
  • Recognize and share important feedback and lessons learned by the standards community through profiling exercises and real world testing
  • Outline how IHE and ONC will be working together in a cooperative agreement to advance the regulatory agenda

The Untethered PHR: The Journey Beyond Your Provider Organization

1:30pm - 2:30pm Thursday, March 12
Session ID: ISED22
Orlando - Orange County Convention Center
Hall E - Booth 8300 - Education Theater

Description In this session, learn how FHIR® and standards based on IHE on FHIR® profiles support bi-directional information exchange in veteran owned and controlled Personal Health Records (PHR) and comprehensive care management across multiple care providers.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand how FHIR can be used to continually synchronize information with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) bi-directionally.
  • Demonstrate how organizations can engage providers using FHIR and FHIR-based apps.
  • Recognize how information exchange impacts care delivery beyond the VHA, inclusive of all providers using FHIR.
  • Define over a dozen different foundational profiles by IHE that support FHIR in the real world.

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