Thursday, December 31, 2015

Blog review of 2015

I blogged half as many articles as last year, and yet my readership only dropped by 16%. I am amazed at all you loyal readers. I wish I had more than 28 blog articles this year to give you. Falling mostly in the category of FHIR, Consent/AccessControl, or De-Identification. I hope that they were useful. Thanks.

  1. Break-Glass on FHIR solution
  2. Break-Glass on FHIR
  3. HEART profiles for review, comment, and approval
  4. Building a MHD Client before MHD is DSTU2 aligned
  5. IHE updating FHIR Profiles to align with DSTU2
  6. FHIR Security initiatives
  7. FHIR does not need a deidentify=true parameter
  8. What is MHD beyond XDS-on-FHIR?
  9. Searching for an ATNA Audit Record Repository
  10. MHD Connectathon Results
  11. FHIR Security: Do (Not) Worry
  12. FYI: Update on the creation of Joint workgroup between #IHE and #HL7 including #FHIR topics
  13. IHE MHD and DSG now open for Public Comment
Consent & Access Control
  1. Guest Post: Use-Case - Security Audit Prompts Investigation
  2. Don't disassemble ATNA, what you are looking for is there.
  3. Where do I record the Reason that an auditable event happened?
  4. How to set the ConfidentialityCode
  5. Strawman on Consent Directive
  6. Privacy Principles
  7. Why Mutual-Authorized-TLS?
  8. TLS (not SSL) Connectathon trials and tribulations
  9. Applying CyberSecurity Standards to Medical Device Design
  10. FHIR Security initiatives
  11. FHIR does not need a deidentify=true parameter
  12. FHIR Security: Do (Not) Worry
  1. De-Identification for Family Planning
  2. NIST seeks comments on De-Identification
  3. Is it really possible to anonymize data?
  4. FHIR does not need a deidentify=true parameter
  1. Response to Keith's ask on my theory of Interoperability
  2. IHE FormatCodes are mandatory
  3. In Wisconsin we have Interoperability
  4. IHE MHD and DSG now open for Public Comment

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