Thursday, November 19, 2015

IHE updating FHIR Profiles to align with DSTU2

IHE has a set of profiles based on FHIR (MHD, PDQm, PIXm, mACM, RESTful ATNA Query, CMAP, GAO, and RECON). But they are based on earlier versions of HL7 FHIR. Now that DSTU2 is formally published, IHE needs to update their profiles to DSTU2.

IHE kicked off this week Monday a bi-weekly effort to update MHD to DSTU2;

IHE kicks off next Monday a bi-weekly effort to update all the other FHIR profiles.

I encourage you all to participate. The hope is that we have them done by February so that they are ready for EU Connectathon.

I am especially interested in specific changes. We have started a punch list so that we convert them all in similar ways. I am specifically interested in how to write these profiles efficiently in a way that targets the reader needs.

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