Tuesday, November 6, 2012

IHE ITI Planning for 2013

The IHE ITI Planning Committee met last week and prioritized all received proposals. Given the number of proposals we recommend that all proposals be reviewed by the Technical Committee and, after assessment of work load and technical feasibility, our priority be considered when making your recommendation.

The following is the output of the ITI Planning committee. The right side shows the Ballot-based Ranking. This is the priority that the ITI Planning committee is asking the ITI Technical committee to view these work items as. The first three rows are already accepted work items, because these are work items from this year that simply need to be finished off.

The profile proposals and final spreadsheet from the meeting can be found on the Planning Committee folder for next year: ftp://ftp.ihe.net/IT_Infrastructure/iheitiyr11-2013-2014/Planning_Cmte/

Findings Notification – this is a white paper that explores the use-cases of clinical findings notification. This paper is close to being made public.

Document Sharing Re-documentation – this is an effort to fix the Technical Framework Volume 3 where it describes the Document Sharing metadata (XDS, XCA, XDR, and XDM). IHE is trying to present the metadata model in a more comprehensive way that also sets up the various transport types, including MHD in the future.

De-Identification – this is a handbook that will assist IHE domain committees and others to assess any De-Identification needs and help build the appropriate algorithms for an analyzed use-case. This handbook will leverage pseudonym and anonymization mechanisms.

OAuth option for mHealth – this profile proposal looks to fill the authentication gap that exists with the MHD profile. It likely will leverage OAuth, but the actual choice is a technical committee decision. This effort will look at existing efforts such as the USA RHEx effort.

Extend XDW to XCA – The XDW (Cross-Enterprise Document centric Workflow) profile was originally scoped to use with XDS. This profile proposal extends that to XCA environments. This recognizes that many cross-enterprise workflows will take place across the boundaries of XDS.

eReferral Search Services – This profile brings forward some use-cases around the problem of discovering an appropriate place to send a patient for specific referral types. This is likely to be an augmentation of HPD to support discoverability of clinical-services and possibly network-services to support those clinical services.

Full metadata subscription – This profile recognizes that the current Document Subscription (DSUB) profile is too constrained. This profile will bring in additional use-cases and thus subscription types.

Pull-style Notification – this profile brings the use-case where a subscriber to a Document Subscription (DSUB) can’t support the current call-back pattern. This profile suggests that there be a way to queue up the notifications and have the subscriber poll for any outstanding notifications.

What is Next?
Note that the Technical Committee will now assess the technical feasibility of these proposals. Ultimately they will only accept 2 maybe 3 of the non-grey items. The committee really needs participation by those that will benefit from this profiling effort as well as those that have experience in these areas. IHE is a very open group.


Kudos to Karen, who even though her house was hit by hurricane Sandy and without power or network and having her flight to Chicago canceled .. continued to chair the meeting from her car sitting outside a public Wi-Fi access point in her neighborhood. 

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