Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Four years of blogging

So what? I was pushed into blogging because I found that I was explaining things over and over. The sad part is that I still tell the same stories over and over, hopefully to new people. I hope that each time I add something and truly am communicating and educating. I know that I am learning as I go, so I suspect the articles get better.

In september of 2009 I posted these articles. I am not excited that this list could be produced today. I hope that I am making progress:
I have a "Topics" button on my blog that contains pointers to the most useful articles from my blog, arranged by topic. I keep that up-to-date. Here it is as of today:

Security/Privacy Bloginar: IHE - Privacy and Security Profiles - Introduction

User Identity and Authentication
Patient Privacy controls (aka Consent, Authorization, Data Segmentation)
Access Control (Consent enforcement)
Audit Control
Secure Communications
Risk Assessment/Management
Document Management (HIE)
Patient Identity
The Direct Project


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