Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ONC revisits linking consumer preferences to EHRs

This article has some nice content, but fails to explain what they mean in their title about ONC revisiting the linking of consumer preferences to the EHR. I was intrigued by this statement as I had not heard anything like it.
I have posted a blog entry where I request that HHS/ONC/HIT leadership recognize that the current TP30 (BPPC) as meeting some simple needs, while continuing to push for continued developments.
The Office of the National Coordinator is weighing proposed requirements for how consumers’ preferences about their healthcare and personal health information could be made inseparable from their electronic health record.
According to a consumer preferences draft document, for which public comments were due Friday, standards built around the requirements would enable patient preferences about the use of their health information to be “interoperable” among those authorized to handle the record. More

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