Tuesday, October 26, 2021

IHE IT-Infrastructure fall 2021

IHE ITI Tech met last week and had a very productive meeting. It seems we are getting the hang of virtual meetings. I will say that they are still about 50% as productive as a face-to-face. There are times at which we are more productive, but there are times when the virtualness gets in the way. This can be due to the lack of non-verbal queues (oh, you really didn't understand what I said), or inability to stand up and draw a picture on a whiteboard, or because everyone is multi-tasking.

Finished this meeting: (will take a week or two to be actually published on https://profiles.ihe.net )

  • mCSD Whitepaper 
  • PIXm in IG format with Feed transaction - for Trial Implementation
  • PDQm in IG format - for Trial Implementation
Continuing Work Items:
  • Quality improvements to the HTML publication of the Technical Framework publications
  • Maintenance (CP)
  • MHD to a Federation task-142
New Work Items:
  • Convert mCSD to IG Publisher task-151
  • Create Implementation Guide Profile ATNA auditEvent patterns for generic FHIR RESTful transactions with pattern informing IHE profile further specializing task-144
  • Convert Metadata Handbook to html publication without technical changes task-169
  • Convert MHDS to html publication without technical changes (not an IG yet) task-166 
Ill cover these in other articles.

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