Thursday, July 15, 2021

Tutorial Links

 Having completed the HL7 FHIR Security and Privacy tutorial, I have found that there are links in my presentation that might be useful to itemize in a more web friendly way. Some people can't go to google presentation, some struggled with quickly typing them in. So here are the links from my presentation.

The presentation slides are at

I always edit them there, so any improvements made over time will appear. So using that link you will always get the current slides.

HL7 does have recordings of this weeks presentation. Those that signed up, have access to these recordings. Those that did not sign up can pay to get access. 

The FHIR core specification has the following main security pages

IETF Best Current Practice for 

SMART-on-FHIR presentation at November 2020 DevDays -

IHE profile on OAuth for business to business http REST
Current real-world security failure
Here is a security hole found in the Spanish COVID Vaccine Credential system that exposes personal demographics (might be more). Likely because there is no access control check if you are providing an id. Creative use of an API must always be considered in a system design.

My personal project to develop a Basic AuditEvent Implementation Guide

Draft efforts to create a Permission resource in FHIR (future)

FHIR Data Segmentation for Privacy Implementation Guide

FHIR Validated Healthcare Directory Implementation Guide

Multiple-Servers with one proxy - Presentation given by Grahame Greve at November 2020 DevDays - Presentation available at

Ongoing Discussion: 
  • FHIR Security call on Mondays 12 noon eastern

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