Thursday, August 13, 2020

FHIR Security and Privacy Tutorial

I have given a tutorial on FHIR Security and Privacy at a couple of HL7 events, and some HL7 distance learning. These recordings are available on the HL7 Education on Demand site. It is not clear when I will be asked to give the tutorial again.

My slides are freely available on google sheets at this easy to type address Each time I give the tutorial I update these master slides. So each time you go there you will see the latest set of slides. Some slides do have notes, and there are additional detail in slides that I don't cover during the tutorial.

I would prefer to give this tutorial in three parts, but typically only have two. If I could give it in three parts this would be the agenda

Part 1 - Basics

  • Security Principles
  • Privacy Principles
  • Basic Security and Privacy Considerations
    • Anonymous Read
    • Business Sensitive
    • Individual Sensitive
    • Patient Sensitive
    • Not Classified
  • HTTP[S] - TLS
  • Authentication & Authorization
    • SMART on FHIR
    • IUA
    • Mutual-Authenticated TLS
  • Access Denied Responses

Part 2 - FHIR capability

  • Provenance
    • Basic
    • Digital Signature
  • Audit Logging
    • Audit Reporting
    • Audit Purging
  • Consent - for Privacy
    • HEART
  • Attribute Based Access Control
    • Security Tags
    • Compartments / Clearance
    • Obligations
  • Break-Glass
  • De-Identification

Part 3 - Practical application

  • Multiple Organization Provider Directory
    • using relational linking
  • Multiple Organization Profile Directory
    • using security tags as compartments with clearance
  • Extra-Sensitive Treatment
    • Share with Protections
  • De-Identified Research

Note that ALL of these topics have been covered in this blog. See Security Topics, Consent/Privacy, and FHIR for index to these articles.

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