Thursday, June 18, 2020

IHE ITI Work Items summer 2020

ITI Tech has 5 projects happening and each have made progress in the past few weeks. I encourage participation, even if you are not a typical IHE participant. All of our projects are using GitHub, so let me know if you want to engage and have not yet gotten assigned to the proper GitHub teams. I need your GitHub username.

IHE use of IG Build tool (not exclusively ITI, but we do dominate active members)
* kanban board for this project
* github where we doing most of our work
* example of PIXm profile converted from word/pdf supplement to IG build 
* example of MHD profile using FSH/sushi authoring
* example of the SANER project using FSH/sushi authoring and Keith magic (NOTE this is an HL7 project, but Keith offers this layout as inspired by the IHE supplement layout)

HIE White paper update
* kanban board for this project
* github where the work is happening
* html rendering of current work for committee review (not proper external publication)

IHE publications in html
* kanban has not been started as too much is in flux
* publications github where we are doing our work
* html rendering of current work for committee review (not proper external publication)

IUA upgrade 
* strong use of github issues
* Team is going forward editing in markdown for supplement publication (not word doc)

SNIF White Paper promotion (more of an ITI Planning task)
* Formally published at Survey of Network Interfaces Form – Published 2020-05-29
* GitHub repo for experiment publish as html and use of GitHub Issue Tracking
* html rendering of github markdown authored for committee review
* Note we are experimenting here with using Github page publication
* Main goal at this point is to promote this to get feedback on interest in developing this further

ATNA profile specific patterns using Gazelle
* There has not been much work, but the idea is to leverage the fact that Gazelle has and needs the ATNA Audit Message patterns to enable testing.
* Future (likely the above html publications) publications of supplements and technical framework will not include the ATNA audit message pattern table inline, but rather this pattern will be defined in Gazelle and that instance will be pointed to by the IHE specification.

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