Monday, November 21, 2016

Starting to blog again

Sorry to my audience for not getting much from my blog lately. The transition to working life again has been distracting me. I am very sick of forms. I realize that I benefit from the forms being online using browser from the comfort of my home. I can only imagine a few years ago when all of this training and forms would be in-person and on paper.

Some blog topics:

  1. IHE (ITI and possibly others) Plans for next year...
  2. Finish out my Privacy Consent topic with detailed breakdown of the abstract (done) into 
    • IHE-BPPC, 
    • IHE-APPC, 
    • HL7-CDA-Consent, 
    • HL7-FHIR-Consent, 
    • Kantara-Consent-Receipt, and 
    • OAuth and UMA
  3. IHE role in a FHIR world
  4. Adding sensitive data to a Health Information Exchange
  5. Something useful about Blockchain... 
  6. Something assertive about OAuth and FHIR

I often write an article based on some random question I got via email.. so please ask me random questions. You can try to use my blog "Ask Me A Question"

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