Monday, May 9, 2016


I have been unfortunate to have been caught in a broad layoff -- Reduction In Force -- at GE Healthcare. GE Healthcare has been my home for just short of 18 years, and I have loved every minute of it. I have been part of many product, either directly on the team or through consulting with them on the use of Interoperability Standards, Privacy, and Security. These have been fantastically fun exercises in Systems Design.

I have the luxury of taking my time to find a new opportunity. Over the last two months I have spoken to some of you, and your excitement for my list of opportunities has been very gratifying. Over the next few months I will reach out to others, and welcome you reaching out to me.

I describe myself as a System Engineer, Principal Engineering Architect; but am most excited to help enable Privacy respecting Information Exchange. This might be between two healthcare practicing organizations, this might be centered on a Patient managed system, this might be for the purposes of Research. My passion wants to get data moving to where the stakeholder of that data wants it to go, and move it most efficiently, effectively, and accurately.  This means using Interoperability Standards, developing new standards, and working with leadership.

I know there are many opportunities for me as a Consultant, however I would like to find a vendor that has grown up over the past few years and now realizes that they need to take an active role in standards development, possibly a leadership role. I could build their program and fill many of the roles. I come with two leadership positions within HL7, and less formal leadership in IHE and DICOM. I am thankful of HL7 for having a nice transition program that allows me to maintain my membership and thus positions for a short time.

More details on me and my Resume can be found at my LinkedIn page

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