Monday, March 16, 2015

Searching for an ATNA Audit Record Repository

I have received more than a few requests lately for a listing of the Implementations (vendors or open-source) of the ATNA "Audit Record Repository". I was hoping that a simple internet search on "IHE Integration Statement ATNA Audit Record Repository" would be enough, but that seemed to fail. Mostly digging up articles about ATNA, not about available implementations. This search should have worked, so there is either very few implementations of the IHE Audit Record Repository, or the ones that are out there are not publishing their IHE Integration Statement on the internet where it can be indexed.

Most worrying is that there is a lack of standalone implementations, that is vendors that specialize in Audit Record Repository functionality. I know these exist, but they don't show up on the search.

It is very important for the success of the IHE process that vendors publish their "IHE Integration Statement" on the internet. This is not just true for ATNA, but for all Profiles.

I expect that my blog followers are the likely audience to be these Implementations, or at least those that know some. So I ask that if you have an implementation of the IHE ATNA Audit Record Repository, please post a comment on this article that points at your IHE Integration Statement for that product. I am fine with you explaining your implementation capabilities in a few sentences, but please don't make me regret this offer.

If you know of an ATNA Audit Record Repository and don't see it show up, please let me know. Or better, let THEM know.

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