Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Security Tutorials on mHealth Security and Auditing - #FHIR

The two presentations that I gave at the HL7 meeting Wednesday afternoon “Free Security Tutorial”, and again at the Joint Security/EHR/FHIR/SOA meeting on Thursday; are posted on the HL7.org web site. They are:

Security Education: mHealth Security and FHIR

This presentation is made up of current viewpoint
on mHealth security basics, risk-assessment models, network communications security, and user identity and access management. This information is on the HL7 FHIR site, and will improve over the coming month. Front and center is the IHE-Internet User Authorization (IUA) profile, a profiling of oAuth 2.0. Much of the material I cover is also covered on my blog at the following:

Security Education: Security/Privacy Audit Logging and Reporting

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