Friday, December 28, 2012

Help for your challenges with XDS-related Tech Framework documentation

FYI: IHE is trying hard to make their Document Sharing Metadata definitions more readable (aka XDS Metadata, or XD* Metadata, or XDS/XCA/XDR/XDM Metadata). The following is an open invite to help.
Attention XDS and Document Sharing implementers:

Many of you have identified concerns about the implementation of XDS Metadata as described in the ITI Technical Framework Volume 3, Section 4.

As a result of your feedback, the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Committee is putting together an online focus group discussion to gain an understanding of those challenges and how they may be addressed through a revised version of ITI TF Volume 3 Section 4.

Your participation is critical to the success of any efforts to re-write or clarify volume 3, Section 4.

We ask all of those who feel they can articulate these challenges to respond with their name and their availability to attend an online focus group webinar on January 8th from 10am-11:30am CST.

Please contact Celina Roth at and Gila Pyke at as soon as possible with your availability. You will be sent a meeting invitation for the webinar.

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