Saturday, January 21, 2012

Data Segmentation Use Case Ready for Review

This just crossed my desk. Please help review these use-cases. I think we need to constrain the scope, not because the scope isn't appropriate, but rather because it is only with a constrained scope that we will make the next step in progress. This is a multi-step journey, taking too big of a step will result in failure.

A little background, this is a USA effort driven by the government body HHS/ONC and others. The focus is to determine for these use-cases what is necessary and/or how to support. The use-cases are focused on the highly sensitive medical topics like HIV, Drug-Abuse, etc. Keeping them sequestered (segmented) when there is not authorization yet available when they are authorized is the scope. I have written about this more when the project was kicked off.

From: S&I Framework Admin []
Subject: Data Segmentation Use Case Ready for Review
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 8:51 AM 
Hi Work Group Members,
As a reminder the Data Segmentation Use Case document is posted and ready for review. You can find the Data Segmentation Use case attached to the Comment Form page: Please take a moment to review the document and to provide detailed, actionable comments where applicable. If you prefer to email your comments you can send them to The consensus process schedule is as follows:
1/23 - Comment Process Closes - (all Comments on the Data Segmentation Use Case document must be submitted by COB 1/23)
1/25 - Final Review of Consensus Comments and Approval of the Use Case for Consensus Voting
1/26 - Consensus Voting Begins
1/30 - Consensus Voting Closes (all consensus votes must be received by COB 1/30)
2/1 - Review of the Consensus Vote

We look forward to your comments as we reach one of the Data Segmentation For Privacy Initiative milestones.
Thank you
Jamie on behalf of the Data Segmentation Support Team

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