Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reminder: IHE's ITI Domain Open Call for Proposals ends Sept 5, 2011. Detailed meeting info and important calendar dates enclosed.

Greetings IHE Community,
The Call for Proposals for the IT Infrastructure (ITI) domain will close shortly on Monday, September 5, 2011. Interested parties are invited to submit a brief proposal for new IHE Profiles and/or White Papers to be considered for development in the 2012-2013 Profile Cycle. 
This e-mail and its’ attachments detail the annual planning cycle process (#1 below), including the Planning Proposal Evaluation Kickoff Meeting in October 2011 (#3), Proposal Review Planning Webinars (#2) that will lead up to the October meeting, and the Technical Proposal Evaluation Meeting in November 2011 (#4). Please continue reading for more details on these events.
NOTE: Please open and read the attached calendar invitations and documents in this email to begin planning for the October/November IHE F2F meetings.
All Proposals must follow the structure and format of the attached brief IHE Proposal Template and must address the following items:
a)      What is the problem you propose to solve by this proposal and how is that problem expressed in practice (e.g., a use case)?
b)      How would fixing this problem improve health care in practice?
c)       What specific components of standards could be used to solve this problem?
d)      Your proposal must identify one or more potential editor(s) in the event that the proposal is selected for further evaluation and possible development. 
e)      If possible, please include some indication of the business case surrounding the situation when describing the problem. For example, is there an economic motivation for addressing this problem immediately?

Summary of IHE’s Multi-Phase Proposal Process:
1.       Submit Brief Proposals by September 5, 2011:
ITI’s Call for Proposals Opened July 19 and will close on September 5, 2011. Submit a Brief Proposal with the attached form to the domain email listed below.

2.       ITI’s Planning Committee Proposal Review Webinars- September 22, 28, & 29, 2011:
Save the Date! Authors for all accepted proposals are required to present the Brief Proposal on one of three Proposal Review Webinar(s). These webinars will be considered Decision meetings. Consensus at each webinar on the proposals’ validity and any requests for proposal authors to combine initiatives will be discussed. Proposals not will be rejected at this stage. Proposals will only be aligned with one another where appropriate.
In order to ensure voting privileges at the ITI Proposal Review Webinars we will require each member (organization) to attend a minimum of 2 (out of the 3) webinars that precede the  ITI Planning Proposal Meeting. The domain sponsors will be taking very careful attendance at each webinar to ensure fair execution. Please ensure you clearly understand this requirement.
ITI’s Proposal Review Webinars- Attendance on 2 out of 3 webinars is required to maintain/secure voting rights.
·         Webinar #1- Thurs. Sept. 22, 2011 at 9:00-11:00 am CT, (10 ET, 7 PT)
·         Webinar #2- Wed. Sept. 28, 2011 at 9:00-11:00 am CT (10 ET, 7 PT)
·         Webinar #3- Thurs. Sept. 29, 2011 at 10:00-12:00 pm CT, (11 ET, 8 PT)

3.       2012-2013 ITI’s Planning Proposal Evaluation Kickoff:
Save the Date! October 11-12, 2011 in Oak Brook, IL.* Click here to RSVP.
We urge those who submit proposals or white papers to attend the Proposal Evaluation Kickoff Meeting in person or via WebEx. In-person advocacy has proven to be the most effective way to ensure your brief proposal are understood and accepted by the committee. 

Please see attached document entitled, 2012-2013 Meeting Schedule & Information to begin planning for this event.
4.       2012-2013 ITI’s Technical Committee Proposal Evaluation Meeting:
Save the Date! November 15-16, 2011 in Oak Brook, IL.* Click here to RSVP.
Proposals that are accepted at the Planning Proposal Evaluation Kickoff Meeting and given to the IHE Technical Committee for review are required to write and present a detailed proposal during the Technical Proposal Evaluation Meeting.

Please see attached document entitled, 2012-2013 Meeting Schedule & Information to begin planning for this event.

Deadline: September 5, 2011 at 11:59 pm CT
Email the completed brief IHE Proposal template to the corresponding domain email address below before September 5, 2011 at 11:59pm CT.
Domain Email
Planning Co-Chair 1
Planning Co-Chair 2
ITI Planning Committee
Karen Witting
Michael Nusbaum

We look forward to working with you during the IHE 2012-2013 Profile Cycle. Please contact the IHE secretary at if you have any additional questions or need further assistance.

* Only IHE International Members are allowed to attend IHE Meetings. To apply for membership click here. Please open the attached document entitled, 2012-2013 Meeting Schedule & Information to begin planning for this event.

Thank you,
IHE IT Infrastructure Planning & Technical Committee Co-Chairs

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