Friday, August 19, 2011

IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework volumes and supplements published

The IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Committee has published the following Technical Framework volumes as of August 19, 2011:
·         Volume 1 (ITI TF-1): Integration Profiles
·         Volume 2 (ITI TF-2): Transactions (volume 2 is divided into three separate sub-volumes)
o   Volume 2a (ITI TF-2a): Transactions ITI-1 through ITI-28
o   Volume 2b (ITI TF-2b): Transactions (cont.) ITI-29 through ITI-64
o   Volume 2x (ITI TF-2x): Appendices A through W and Glossary
·         Volume 3 (ITI TF-3): Section 4–Cross-Transaction Specifications and Section 5–IHE Content Specifications

Newly made final text: Async Web-Services, XCA, MPQ, PIX v3, PDQ v3, and PDO. The documents are available for download at

The Committee has also published the following supplements to the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework as of August 19, 2011:
o   Cross-Community Fetch (XCF) - Published 2011-08-19
o   Cross-Community Patient Discovery (XCPD) - Revised 2011-08-19
o   Cross-Enterprise User Assertion - Attribute Extension (XUA++) - Revised 2011-08-19
o   Document Encryption (DEN) - Published 2011-08-19
o   Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) - Revised 2011-08-19 
o   On-Demand Documents - Revised 2011-08-19
o   Retrieve Form for Data Capture (RFD) - Revised 2011-08-19
o   XAD-PID Change Management (XPID) - Published 2011-08-19
o   XDS Metadata Update - Revised 2011-08-19

These profiles will be available for testing at subsequent IHE Connectathons.  The documents are available for download at

Comments on all documents can be submitted at

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