Friday, July 29, 2011

2nd Public Comment -- Cross-Enterprise Document Workflow

IHE IT Technical committee has resolved public comment on the first draft of the Cross-Enterprise Document Workflow profile, and have determined that the changes are dramatic enough to call for a 2nd Public Comment.

This is a key core profile that will enable other use-case specific workflows to happen across different organizational boundaries. It sets forward a basic workflow 'token' system by profiling OASIS WS-HumanTask (the original public comment used CDA). This profile does not define any working workflow, but rather sets a framework that others will use to support HIE based workflows like Patient Transfer, Referral, and many long-term care plans.

This does NOT replace departmental workflows, although it might leverage a departmental workflow as one of the larger steps that are managed by XDW. This does NOT replace centrally managed workflows such as those controlled by BPEL, but might leverage a BPEL controlled workflow as one of the larger steps that are managed by XDW.  The XDW workflow may refer to an externally defined and possibly not computable workflow definition, but is designed to support evolution to completely enclosed and/or computable workflows.

IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework Supplement Published for Public Comment

The IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Committee has published the following supplement to the IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Framework for Public Comment on July 29, 2011:

·         Cross-Enterprise Document Workflow - Rev. 2.0 (XDW)

The document is available for download at Comments submitted by August 26, 2011 will be considered by the IT Infrastructure Technical Committee in developing the trial implementation version of the supplement.  Comments should be submitted at