Thursday, June 23, 2011

French National EHR based on IHE XDS

This just crossed my desk:

The national PHR/EHR, or DMP (Dossier Medical Personnel) based on IHE XDS and 6 other IHE profiles has been technically open since December 17th 2010.  April 2011 was the official opening with clinical use authorized.  They have now records for about 20,000 patient  and a few hospitals and physician offices connected (20 EMR products have been certified).  They expect to reach between 1 and 2 million patient “dossier” by the end of 2011. 
It is both an “shared EHR” and a “PHR” in one system: patient/professional and professional/professionals share the same system, where the patient that opts-in controls access.
The communication and explanation to health professionals and patients is very well done, I think. 
You will not be able to open your own records, because it requires: (1) a health insurance card (2) an encounter with a health professional (trust and education).
 Even if you do not know French I recommend browsing: where I suggest you select the “professional side”, and start with “Comment ça marche ? ” (how does it work ?).
Simple but clear animation. Try also the “Histoire du DMP”, stories about DMP. These are for both doctors and patients, the story of Julie, Michel and José. For those who want to dive deeper into “policies” hit the tab: “securité and confidentialité”.
For those who want to go into the details hit the tab “école du DMP” or “DMP School”.  Where you will have more detailed tutorial for health professionals.