Friday, April 22, 2011

Not - ANSI Initiative to Examine Financial Impact and Harm of Breached Patient Information

I reported back in March that I was going to 'jump on' the ANSI and Shared Assessments Launch Initiative to Examine Financial Impact and Harm of Breached Patient Information. Well, I attended what they said would be their kickoff "MEETING", but it was much more of a "WEBINAR". There was no discussion, just well polished presentations by Lawyers, Security-Product Vendors, and Consultants. I suspect this group has been awaken by HHS Breach Notifications and are looking for a way to add opportunities.

The following press release was issued this week: Internet Security Alliance Partners with ANSI and Shared Assessments for Launch of Project on Financial Impact of Breached Protected Health Information.

Optimistically they seem to be taking a holistic view of healthcare, although one question about clinical research left them without an answer. I have heard from some of my peers that they too are worried that this group does not understand Healthcare and the special sensitivities, including how sensitive the data is but also how critical patient safety and treatment is. The stated goals would produce much needed clarity to a market space that doesn’t have much experience with healthcare.

They have a very short timeframe, they want to research and create opinions this summer with a clear press spread in July when they also indicate they will be presenting ‘on the hill’. Because of the holistic view they are not likely to get into details.

This seems to be far more an opportunity for Lawyers, Security-Product Vendors and Consultants to make a case for their business. Thus I am not going to further participate.

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