Thursday, October 21, 2010

IHE IT Infrastructure Planning Committee - Candidate Proposals Selected for 2010/2011 Development Cycle

The IHE process starts with the Planning committee evaluating "Proposals". This year the ITI committee had only a few proposals to choose from, so they choose to simply priortize the list. It is now up to the Technical committee to evaluate how hard each one is, including evaluating if it is even feasable. This will happen in December, and will likely result in a smaller list of work items.

The resulting PRIORITY order:

1 XDS Link/Unlink Support
2 Cross-Enterprise Document Workflow (XDW)
3 XCA Query & Retrieve Caumanns
4 XD* Minimal Metadata
5 (tie) CDA Encryption
5 (tie) Document Sharing Directory Service
7 Pseudonymisation and De-Identification in IHE Profiles (Handbook)

Here is the letter from IHE:

It is our pleasure to announce that the IT Infrastructure Planning Committee has selected profile/white paper candidates for the upcoming ITI development cycle.  At this week’s face-to-face meeting in Oak Brook IL, the committee reviewed all proposals and ranked them in priority sequence according to pre-defined criteria.  This ranking, together with detailed proposals currently being prepared by the authors (and due November 10, 2010), will serve as input for the consideration of the ITI Technical Committee which meets next month in Arlington, VA.

Selected proposals are listed on the ITI Wiki here.  Congratulations to all of the successful authors for their diligent efforts.  All proposal documents, together with evaluation tools and reports, can be found on the FTP site in this directory.
The Planning Committee also reviewed a number of strategic issues, including an update of domain liaison activities and a schedule of upcoming meetings.  Meeting notes will be published on the Wiki shortly… watch for the announcement.

The next step in the process will be a face-to-face Technical Committee meeting, held November 18-19 2010 in Arlington VA, to review of the candidate proposals and recommend which work items will be undertaken in 2010/2011.  The Planning Committee will join the meeting on November 19th (after lunch, Eastern time) to vote on these recommendations.  You are invited and encouraged to participate, and details can be found at this link.  More information will be provided shortly from the TC co-Chairs.

We look forward to a very exciting year of ITI activity, and encourage your broad participation and support of our work item authors.

Thanks to those who attended the PC face-to-face meeting.  We had over 20 participants, representing 7 countries!

See you next month in Arlington!

Karen Witting
Mike Nusbaum

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