Monday, September 13, 2010

Top O' the Summer

Some blogs have started to post a listing of the best blog posts of the week based on hit-count. Given that I don't post many articles each day I figured I would look back on the whole summer. The google analytics and blogger statistics did guide me, but I also included non-quantitative analysis. Mostly this is a listing of some articles that are more informative and should stand the test of time. I often re-use these articles when explaining Security or Privacy concepts.

  1. Meaningful Use Security Capabilities
  2. Healthcare use of Identity Federation
  3. Data Classification - a key vector enabling rich Access Controls
  4. Meaningful Use Certification issue with Encryption of data-at-rest 
  5. A Look into the UK breach statistics and by reference the USA breach statistics
  6. Accountability using ATNA Audit Controls 
  7. NHIN-Direct Privacy and Security Simplifying Assumptions 
  8. Stepping stones for Privacy Consent 
  9. Consumer Preferences and the Consumer  and Redaction and Clinical Documentation  
  10. Availability of Consent Documents and their rules

Notable from before:

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