Thursday, November 26, 2009

IHE ITI Planning Committee - Decision to select 2010-2011 Profile/White Paper work

As part of the work slated for this coming IHE ITI cycle, there is an Proposal to upgrade the Cross-Enterprise User Assertion (XUA) profile with one or more named options for user attributes to be used for Access Control decisions. This work will leverage the work of HITSP, NHIN, FHA-CONNECT, HIT-Standards, OASIS XSPA, epSOS, and other international implementations that have used SAML identity assertions.

Dear IHE IT Infrastructure Doman members:

As discussed at our Paris face-to-face meeting last month, the Technical Committee has completed their review of Planning Committee recommendations for profile/whitepaper proposals, with the following response (R. Horn):

The ITI Technical committee met 10 and 11 November in Chicago to evaluate the profile proposals.  The overall result is some revisions to work level of effort, and a few detailed proposals have had content revisions to resolve questions.  The revised detailed proposals are in the ITI Technical Committee FTP directory for detailed profile proposals.  The resulting analysis is summarized in this document and spreadsheet.

There was no interdependency among profiles to motivate a priority order change, and there were no size related reasons to motivate a priority change, so ITI Technical recommends doing the six top priority items.  This will utilize the available resources. We suggested approaches to do small work efforts to avoid completely losing
momentum on the remaining two profile proposals.

The ITI Planning Committee will now review the above recommendations and make a final decision as to the slate of profiles/whitepapers to be developed during the 2010-2011 planning cycle.  This very important step will take place the following tcon:

  • Thursday, December 10, 2009 – 11:00am-1:00pm Central time.
  • A calendar invitation and meeting coordinates can be found at this link.

According to IHE governance procedures, members of both the Planning and Technical committees are invited to attend the Dec 10th decision meeting, however only Planning Committee members (with voting privileges) are entitled to vote.

The Agenda for this meeting is as follows:

  1. Role call and establishment of voting procedures
  2. Report from ITI Technical Committee with recommendations (Karen Witting and Rob Horn)
  3. Planning Committee Decision vote
  4. Approve the detailed descriptions for the approved items to be published on the IHE ITI WIKI.
  5. Review of ITI Technical Committee activities and confirmation of assigned editors.
  6. Other business

We thank you and look forward to your ongoing participation.

Charles Parisot
Michael Nusbaum
Co-Chairs, IHE ITI Planning Committee

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