Friday, September 4, 2009

HITSP Consumer Preferences Tiger Team, SPI and Consumer Perspective Technical Committee members

Please find below and attached the call for participation for subject matter experts to join the HITSP Consumer Preferences Tiger Team. We are pleased to launch this new and exciting work activity. Please feel free to share this announcement with your colleagues.

Also as an update, in order to address the possible perception of bias that having two co-chairs from the same organization may introduce, the Consumer Preferences Tiger Team has changed its co-chair leadership. Moving forward Walter Suarez MD and Mureen Allen MD will be the co-chairs of that Tiger Team. Scott Robertson PharmD will continue to serve as a key advisor for that effort, but not in a co-chair position. We appreciate the commitment that these individuals bring to the Tiger Team leadership.

Call for Participation

Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel

HITSP Consumer Preferences Tiger Team

The HITSP Tiger Teams and Technical Committees will soon begin to address the standards harmonization process for Consumer Preferences. HITSP is seeking to add subject matter experts to assist with this task.

Requirements for participation:

Your organization registers to be or is a member of HITSP. Your area of expertise can be in any of the following areas:
  • Overall, standards for classifying and categorizing a wide range of consumer preferences related to privacy, security, care delivery and associated service needs
  • Privacy and security standards for categorizing and coding consumer privacy preferences
  • Privacy and security standards for controlling access to health information
  • Standards for identifying/selecting specific consumer preferences including advance directives, DNR, proxies, surrogates, family member access, and others
  • Standards for consumer preferences related to care or associated service needs, including communication needs (appointment reminders, lab results, others), conform measures, and others

The Process:

  • HITSP is establishing a Consumer Preferences Tiger Team, which will operate under the joint guidance and direction of the HITSP Security, Privacy and Infrastructure Technical Committee and the HITSP Consumer Perspective Technical Committee. Co-chairs of the Tiger Team are Walter Suarez, MD and Mureen Allen MD.
  • The Consumer Preferences Tiger Team will meet periodically via conference calls and F2F meetings to perform all the HITSP tasks related to the harmonization and interoperability standards review and selection to address the needs identified in the ONC Consumer Preference Requirements Document.
  • The Consumer Preferences Tiger Team will:
    • Participate, review and comment on the ONC Requirements Document development, as appropriate
    • Develop a HITSP requirements analysis and standards selection document (or equivalent)
    • Identify, evaluate and select recommended harmonized, interoperable standards, including reuse of existing standards using HITSP Tier 2 criteria
    • Identify gaps and develop a roadmap process to address those gaps
    • Develop a HITSP interoperability specification, Capabilities, Service Collaborations, or any other appropriate HITSP harmonization construct to address the information exchange interoperability requirements.
  • The Consumer Preferences Tiger Team will develop a more detailed Statement of Work, work plan and timeline, consistent with the overall ONC timeline set for this topic.

Meeting Logistics:

Typically HITSP will conduct a standing weekly conference call with web collaboration. The workload may necessitate additional conference calls. Additionally, there will also be one “Face-to-Face” meeting planned in conjunction with HITSP Tiger Team and Technical Committee activities during the remainder of 2009.

To Volunteer:

If you would like to volunteer to participate in this groundbreaking activity of the HITSP Tiger Team and Technical Committees please contact Allyn Clemons, HIMSS/HITSP Standards Harmonization Coordinator at

For more information please contact: Johnathan Coleman, Facilitator:

For background information regarding recent postings, meeting activities, and new member participation go to the HITSP web site at