Tuesday, August 3, 2021

InScope podcast: #FHIR security

I was honored to be on the In Scope podcast, and excited to be paired up with Alissa Knight. We talked about FHIR security and such.  The host Mike Murry, who I worked with at GE for many years. He doesn't get to be in the pretty picture (Not my best picture, well I don't think I have better. Really sorry to Alissa for what I bring to the picture ). 

In the podcast, the combination of Alissa, Mike, and I is powerful as we all focus on different parts of security applied to FHIR: Design, Protection, Vulnerability.

The link to the episode on apple or general feed on inscope site, but you can find it on your favorite podcast app searching for "In Scope Security". They even have transcripts.

I hope this is just the first podcast on this topic. I would love to discuss more intersections between design, protection, and vulnerability. I would like to get into Mike and my passion for audit logging and analysis (hoping to catch Alissa). 

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