Friday, July 26, 2019

IHE Profiles on FHIR R4 now have conformance resources available

This week the ITI and PCC face-to-face meeting approved new/updated FHIR conformance resources (ImplementationGuide, StructureDefintion, CapabilityStatement, ValueSet, CodeSystem, and OperationDefinition) for publication. These have been aligned with FHIR R4.

* PIXm -- supplement soon to be released to Public Comment
* NPFS -- supplement soon to be released to Public Comment
* (mACM) -- supplement soon to be released to Public Comment
* mCSD
* QEDm

More details on these at

There was also agreement to make public knowledge that we are managing these formal conformance resources on an IHE managed GitHUB repository dedicated to FHIR conformance resources related to Normative IHE Profiles. As before the supplement text is the normative specification, and the conformance resources are informative.

These have also been reflected on the IHE FTP site in the previously published location. The FTP site will be maintained for a period of time while we continue to mature our publication mechanisms.

Please report any errors or improvement opportunities. These conformance resources are not normative, so many methods of reporting should work. The CP system can be used, but is not required to be used at this time.