Tuesday, April 10, 2018

IHE on FHIR tutorial

I will be giving a face-to-face tutorial on the topic of "IHE on FHIR" at both

  1. HL7 Workgroup meeting in Cologne, May 12-18
  2. FHIR Dev Days in Boston, June 19-21 
So, if you are in Europe, sign up for the tutorial at HL7 workgroup meeting.  If you are in the USA, sign up for the tutorial at FHIR Dev Days. 

There is a difference in time available to me. At the FHIR Dev Days I will need to focus only on the IHE Profiles available from IHE that leverage FHIR. Where as at the HL7 meeting I will also be able to discuss the overall relationship between HL7 and IHE and the IHE Profiles available from IHE that leverage FHIR.

Here are the IHE profiles that leverage FHIR today...
  • Radiology
  • Pharmacy
    • Uniform Barcode Processing (UBP) -  describes a way to send the information contained in a barcode and in return receive the parsed content of that barcode in the form of a FHIR resource instance - a medication, a device, a patient, or staff.
    • Mobile Medication Administration (MMA) - defines the integration between healthcare systems and mobile (or any other) clients using RESTful web services. This allows connecting EHRs with smartphones, smart pill boxes, and other personal or professional devices.
  • QRPH
    • Mobile Retrieve Form for Data Capture (mRFD) - provides a method for gathering data within a user's current application to meet the requirements of an external system
    • Vital Records Death Reporting (VRDR) - defines a mRFD content profile that will specify derivation of source content from a medical summary document. by defining requirements for form filler content and form manager handling of the content.:

I have succeeded to get the IHE Profiles listed on the FHIR.org registry of Implementation Guides. This is a manual step today, but will likely continue to be a manual step to assure that what gets published has passed the IHE Governance for being listed.

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