Friday, April 5, 2024

Sharing IPS (sIPS)

This Implementation Guide ready for Trial-Implementation.  Formal Publication --

The Sharing of IPS (sIPS) IHE Profile provides for methods of exchanging the HL7 International Patient Summary (IPS), using IHE Document Sharing Health Information Exchange but does not modify the HL7 IPS specification, nor is there any need to change IHE Document Sharing Health Information Exchange. This means that any existing XCA/XDS environment needs NO change to support the IPS.

The International Patient Summary (IPS) content,
as defined in the ISO 27269 data model specification, utilizes IHE’s document sharing infrastructure including cross-community, HIE, direct exchange models, and more. It has been designed specifically to remove barriers to adoption, by leveraging architectures that are currently implemented, well-established, and robust. 

The sIPS Profile provides implementation guidance to vendors and implementers and joins a growing suite of IPS standards artefacts contributed by a variety of Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and coordinated by the Joint Initiative Council for Global Health Informatics Standardization (JIC).

YouTube presentation, long, and short.

If you want a purely FHIR transport for this FHIR IPS, then look to the
Mobile Health Document Sharing (MHDS) Profile

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