Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MHD, PIXm, and PDQm -- aligned with FHIR DSTU2

This is the notice of Ballot on the updated Profiles from IHE on MHD, PDQm, and PIXm. This ballot to review and approve the updates so that they can be formally tested at EU Connectathon. Please review, and provide constructive comments.

In general these profiles are thinner than previous as the FHIR specification in DSTU2 is far more readable and complete. Thus there is less description and 'profiling' that IHE needs to do. As such these IHE profiles rely more on the good readability of the FHIR specification in DSTU2.


Updated at 9:37am Central time...
Timeline:  Ballot is open from today through Wednesday, March 15, 2016

Submitting Comments:  Please use the attached spreadsheet to compile your comments.  Submit the completed spreadsheet to ITI Comments mailing list (

Voting Rights Reminder: Providing comments on CP ballots is a great way to obtain/retain your organizations voting rights! Make sure your voting rights stay active in 2016 by participating in CP ballots!

Ballot #32 contents:  The CPs listed below, the updated Trial Implementation Supplements, and the comment spreadsheet are in the attached zip file and on the IHE FTP site at
  • CP-ITI-884 - PIXm changes for DSTU2
  • CP-ITI-885 - PDQm changes for DSTU2
  • CP-ITI-886 - MHD changes for DSTU2
  • CP-ITI-919 - Split FHIR-specific Appendix Z out of PDQm supplement & update for DSTU2

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