Thursday, March 1, 2012

IHE - ITI NEW Educational Webinar Series

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Greetings IHE members,
IHE International is pleased to announce the upcoming ITI Educational Webinars.  Register today!
v  Cross-Enterprise Document Workflow
Presented by Arianna Cocchiglia and Luca Zalunardo
03/06/12  9:00am CT
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"The Cross-Enterprise Document Workflow (XDW) profile enables participants in a multi-organizational environment to manage and track the tasks related to patient-centric workflows as the systems hosting workflow management applications coordinate their activities for the health professionals and patients they support. This profile defines an instrument, called a "Workflow Document", to manage and track a shared workflow. It is designed to support the complexity of health services delivery with flexibility to adapt as workflows evolve."
v  Patient Identity Management
Presented by Eric Heflin
03/07/12  10:00am CT
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"The HIE has several profiles, actors and transactions designed to enable participants to manage patient identities across different assigning authorities (and/or organizational boundaries).  In this presentation, these profiles will be introduced."
v  Healthcare Provider Directories
Presented by Eric Heflin
03/14/12  10:00am CT
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"Several IHE profiles have been created to assist managing providers within, and across, organization boundaries. This presentation will introduce each of these profiles, including the actors, transactions, and options.  Deployment examples will be provided."
v  Enabling Document Sharing through IHE Profiles
Presented by Karen Witting
03/21/12  10:00am CT
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"The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of the collection of IHE profiles which are intended to be used by communities for exchanging health information. The collection of profiles includes support for patient identification, health document location and retrieval, provider directories, and the protection of privacy and security. This white paper will show how various profiles work together to provide a standards based, interoperable approach to community and cross-community health information sharing."
Thanks to each of our presenters!
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