Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Most popular blog entries of 2010

The blog tools make this post easy, but it is still useful to record an annual perspective on what seemed important at the time. Clearly the popularity contest is won by 'ranting'.

  1. Meaningful Use Security Capabilities for Engineers This is where I describe the Meaningful Use security capabilities and provide recommendations on what they mean and how to implement them
  2. Meaningful Use clearly does not mean Secure Use I am amazed at how many hits this got and continues to get. It is a rant on the MU draft, yes they did fix some of the things I rant about. See item 1.   
  3. Meaningful Use Certification issue with Encryption of data-at-rest This is where I rant about how the Meaningful Use rules messed up and defined tight requirements for encryption and integrity controls but failed to say anything about key management, content packaging, or portability. 
  4. Meaningful Use Security Capabilities Lacking, Privacy Capabilities NON-existent  Another rant...Yup, privacy is still missing... 
  5. Meaningful Use - Security Plan This is where I ranted less, but gave advice to how to read the Meaningful Use draft.
  6. Accountability using ATNA Audit Controls This is where I explain how to achieve the requirements of Accountability with simply an Audit Control. (Watching what people do is very important. It is sometimes the only way to detect users misbehaving, like looking at VIP patients or downloading thousands of documents)
  7. Data Classification - a key vector enabling rich Security and Privacy controls This is where I demystify the confidentialityCode as a part of segmentation, and explain how this is metadata to be used by access control engines as one of the factors used to determine if a specific use of data should be allowed or not. (For those reading PCAST, read this as if it is the PCAST concept of 'tagged data element approach'. It is part of the whole picture but not completely... )
  8. Meaningful Use Encryption - passing the tests This is where I explain just how bad the data-at-rest requirements are and how screwed up the testing is.   
  9. IT security problems continue (Designing a Secure HIE) This is where I explain that point-to-point security doesn't scale and that a walled-garden approach using TLS may be a better starting point. (Yes, this is an old article that still is true today. We see in NHIN Direct something closer to the unconstrained point-to-point, or end-to-end. The solution being discussed is to restrict NHIN Direct endpoints to 'organizations', thus ending up with a smaller map but still quite the spider web)
  10. Meaningful Use takes Security Audit Logging back a decade It is unfortunate that we work hard to advance security and privacy only to have regulation take us back to the dark ages.
I have some articles that I think are more long-term explanations of a concept. They are not so much popular at any given time, but are references:

IHE Security/Privacy primer
Meaningful Use Security Capabilities for Engineers
User Identity
Access Controls - Including enforcing Privacy
Consent Management
Audit Controls
Other Controls

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