Monday, November 26, 2018

AMSUS talk on FHIR CarePlan as the goal app for Patient Engagement

Lighting the Pathway Through FHIR To Optimized Care Plans: A Case Study of MyHealtheVet and Next Steps (By Light)

The HL7 FHIR standard is gaining quick acceptance in the USA and globally. Every major EHR vendor now supports FHIR for Patient access of their own data using SMART-on-FHIR and Argonaut implementation guides. Many applications are being written to access this data, including the much heralded Apple HealthKit.

The result could be an overwhelming nightmare, or you can lead the way on a pathway to better care. In this talk I will inspire on how FHIR CarePlan can enhance Patient outcomes, Patient conformance, and lower overall Clinician impact through intelligent software agents.

The presentation will explore how this might look at a Patient portal, like VHA MyHealtheVet. The benefit is that the patient would be actively encouraged and automatically tracked, tasks prepared, and results viewable. The benefit to the clinician is that software agents can track progress and focus their attention on those patients that need extra help.

FHIR enables, but does not solve, these advancements in the way care is improved.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe FHIR, and how it is a good basis to build upon
  • Show how Care Plans in FHIR are a win-win for Clinician, Organization, Payers, and Patient
  • Develop a Library of Care Plan Patterns and Orchestrate the patient's treatment plan given a Pattern
  • Automate with Intelligent services promoting specific actions and conformance
  • Use Care Plan pattern specific apps that leverage Care Plan standards